Sustainability Report

Paolo Voltini (President of BOD)

"The health crisis, that has turned the world upside down since the beginning of this year, has opened our eyes to the true role of our company and the importance of sharing values, by reappraising the work of the agroindustrial world, in which thousands of people with their work have guaranteed material sustenance for the basic needs of the community. The Consorzio Casalasco, despite all the operational difficulties faced and overcome, has never stopped, continuing to pursue the objectives of consolidating its leadership in Italy and growth worldwide, constantly working with order and discipline to ensure risk control, especially to protect human capital as well as the profitability of its member farms. We have always been committed to our work, with humility but also with strength and awareness of the social and economic role we play for the territory, especially in difficult times like these."

Costantino Vaia (CEO)

2020 was a complex year, in which we experienced the fragility and sense of powerlessness of a globalised, highly interconnected, technologically powerful and highperforming world, yet extremely vulnerable. In this difficult situation, our company was called upon first and foremost to secure its staff, but also to work tirelessly to ensure that consumers did not lack essential goods during the lockdown. In order to cope with these requirements, we have tried to improve and reshape our organisation with a proactive attitude based on the enhancement of internal resources. Thanks to our ability to react, despite the exceptional conditions of the past year, we have been able to achieve important goals, both in terms of growth in revenues and in the development of new products and innovation, with a strong presence on international markets, which now account for two thirds of our turnover. 

Sustainability Report 2022


The Consorzio

Consorzio Casalasco is a cooperative that grows, processes and packages 100% Made in Italy industrial tomato and other agricultural products. We work in an ethical and sustainable way along the entire supply chain, providing consumers, customers and brands with a wide range of products that respect nature, from seed to shelf.


The Consorzio’s Stakeholders

Among the priority stakeholders are:
Members: holders of shares but also suppliers of raw materials to the Consorzio.
Employees: employees of the company and other types of workers (collaborators, temporary workers and seasonal workers).
Customers: subdivided into final consumers of the branded product and customers of the Industrial or Co-manufacturer and Private Label channel.


The Supply Chain and its control

The cooperative nature of the Consorzio, with member farms playing the dual role of owner and raw material supplier, allows for a level of control and integration between the agricultural and the processing phases that is not found in industrial supply chains.


The scenario and the value

2020 is a date that will be remembered in human history as the ‘year of the pandemic’. The pandemic necessarily affected the economic and financial performance of many countries, starting with the lifestyles and consumption it imposed. In the food & beverage sector, there was a generalised and homogeneous increase in demand for products throughout the emergency, with peaks in mid-March. Household consumption surged at the beginning of February, until the first postemergency phase at the end of April, followed by a significant drop between June and July, and finally rose again with the second wave of contagion from the end of September onwards.


Our People

By the term “People”, the Consorzio refers not only to the employees of the company, but to all those who, regardless of the type of contract that binds them to the company, work on its behalf. This “broader” notion of the term indicates the Consorzio’s commitment to recognise equal rights and protections not only for the small number of its direct employees, but for all workers to whom it contracts the performance of certain processes or which it hires with flexible contracts. The Consorzio recognises the right of all workers working on its behalf to be treated fairly and justly.


Environmental sustainability

Consorzio Casalasco has developed and applies an Environmental Management System (EMS) to identify and control significant environmental aspects and associated risks, and to ensure the improvement of its performance. In this context, procedures have been defined to monitor the environmental impacts of the organisation with the aim of reducing them, and instructions have been set to provide the staff concerned with the correct operating methods for managing the environmental aspects and impacts associated with the activity.


These are the elements that helped us become the first Italian tomato producer and processer.