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When taste is multiplied
All the names of our work

There are several brands that have joined together with our company over the years. A part of Casalasco is expressed through each of them:


Pomì was founded in 1982 in the province of Parma and immediately became an icon thanks to its innovative packaging: the carton brick that makes it easy to recognize the tomato sauce in any country to which it is exported.
Today, Pomì is synonym of: a controlled supply chain, Italian quality, tomato traceabilitysustainability of the production and transformation processes.


De Rica

At De Rica, we take pride in delivering Italy’s freshest tomato products from our farms to your table. No matter your selection, you can count on the exquisite flavor of Italian tomatoes in every De Rica product. For more than 50 years, De Rica has been at the forefront of tomato production, pursuing our mission to make the exquisite flavor of Italian tomatoes available to everyone.




Only a good expertise of a big agricultural society could create Gustodoro. The wide range of products and formats of Italian Tradition, suitable for any taste, was born from experience of Casalasco Società Agricola S.p.A., leader in the processing of tomato sauces and legumes. Gustodoro was born from the passion of farmers together with the skills of producers, to offer the genuine choice of real Italian taste.