Casalasco world


For over forty years,
bringing the tomato
from our fields
to your table

It was 1977 when the Casalasco del Pomodoro Consortium came to life. A cooperative was created which brought together all the tomato producers in the area into a single organisation. Today Casalasco Società Agricola S.p.A. is carrying on its story, which is built upon expertise, research and passion for tomatoes.

Our supply chain

We grow high-quality tomatoes, which are controlled and certified at every stage, from seed selection to harvesting.

We process our tomato by preparing it within a few hours of harvesting. By doing so, we guarantee a product that keeps the characteristics of fresh tomatoes intact.

We package our products opting for sustainable and recyclable packaging.

Our numbers






ha planted with tomatoes


supply chain in Italy



tons of fresh tomatoes processed



Production plants



Packaging lines


> 2000

working people

Not just

In addition to the tomatoes grown by our farmers, we also offer products such as sauces, condiments, pestos, broths and soups, and legumes.

We only choose suppliers who share our standards for quality and ethics.

Our farmers,
a precious resource

Integration between the agricultural and processing supply chains allows us to quickly take strategic decisions about the products and their characteristics.

Our brands


The famous Italian slogan “O così, o Pomì” is from the iconic brand of tomato made in Italy


The Italian pantry: all the taste and quality of tradition


Our line of tomatoes and legumes for food service and retail

Private label
and Co-Manufacturing

We are the co-manufacturer for large international food companies and we produce the private label for large European retail chains. Our partners can rely on excellent raw materials and expertise that embodies the entire production chain.


The world we want

What guides us in everything we do is the respect we have for our fields and for the people who work them, our love for the products of the land, and our constant research aimed at making each processing stage more efficient and sustainable.

Certified supply chain Sustainability