Casalasco acquires 70% of De Martino srl to strengthen its presence on the Asian market

The leading Italian industrial tomato processing company continues to invest with a view to strengthening its international positioning and expanding in a number of key markets

Casalasco acquires 70% of De Martino srl to strengthen its  presence on the Asian market

Casalasco S.p.A., the first Italian integrated supply chain for the industrial processing of tomatoes, has signed an agreement to purchase a 70% stake in De Martino s.r.l., a long-established trading company specialising in the sale of Italian food preserves, with the aim of strengthening its supply chain and consolidating its presence on markets in the Far East and Northern Europe, in particular in Japan and Scandinavia.

De Martino s.r.l., the company of the De Martino family, who have been operating for decades in the food sector, promoting and exporting Italian products worldwide, has direct relations with important players on Oriental markets (Japan and South-East Asia) and in Northern Europe, with a turnover of around €40 million, most of it accounted for by tomato products.
This operation will allow Casalasco, which exports some 70% of its products, mainly in Europe and in particular Germany, France and the UK, to further expand its sales plans, with the aim of taking the quality of Italian produce all over the world. The Asian market – increasingly important in terms of volumes, and where Italian food products are increasingly popular – is one of the main targets of the company, which for years has been overseeing distribution in Japan through both retail and catering channels, also thanks to a local sales office.

The acquisition of De Martino will allow for a significant increase in volumes sold, which is expected to result in the tripling of current revenue in both Japan and Scandinavia. This operation is part of the growth strategy embarked upon in recent years by Casalasco with a view to acquiring increasingly widespread control over the supply chain. Agricultural innovation, industrial investment and acquisitions on the market are indicative of a continual effort aimed at meeting demand and responding to the requirements of consumers.
“This new operation seeks to reinforce our presence on markets we consider strategic, specifically in terms of promoting Italian produce”, explained Costantino Vaia, CEO of Casalasco Group. “The partnership with vastly experienced, qualified operators such as De Martino will allow us to be immediately operative in these geographical areas, with the aim of meeting our growth and profitability targets in a shorter time”.

The De Martino operation is a further step in the strategic plan that began with the acquisition of Emiliana Conserve in 2022 following the entry of the QuattroR fund into the capital of the company.
With a view to guaranteeing continuity in terms of operations and management, Wolfgang De Martino will retain a 30% stake and remain CEO of the company.